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What is Social Entrepreneurship?


Social entrepreneurship is becoming more and more popular these days. By definition, social entrepreneurship means an effort usually carried out by social entrepreneurs who recognizes a social problem, followed by establishing a venture or an enterprise while utilizing the principles of…


Defining Social Innovation via Social Innovation Europe


Despite the growing interest in social innovation among policymakers, foundations, researchers and academic institutions around the world, there is currently no common definition of social innovation, but rather a large number of different definitions in circulation. Some of these are very…



What is Social Entrepreneurship?


Social entrepreneurship is fancy jargon, if I may say so myself. It is a new term in today’s world. Some call it a buzz word, some call it a trend, and others with less positive outlook refer to social entrepreneurship as a fad. Upon knowing that I graduated with a Master’s in Social…


Lightening the Load.



We have learned over the past few weeks that a social entrepreneur’s main focus is in helping others. We have also learnt that they face many obstacles during their journey of accomplishing their goals and to address social issues. But who is there to help them? When one is focused on helping…


Entrepreneur + Cultural Creative Values = Social Entrepreneur


Kiyosaki’s main ideas are:

  1. A successful entrepreneur finds the right idea, the right people to act on the idea and the right money to leverage the project.
  2. A successful entrepreneur operates from freedom and opportunity rather than security and resources.
  3. The best time to answer the tough questions about starting a business is before starting the business. Some of these questions are:

a. How badly do I want my own business and why? b. How much will I extend myself to succeed? c. Am I afraid to fail? If so, how can I make this a strength? d. Am I willing to educate myself on the essential components of a successful business?

Cultural Creative entrepreneurs, more often referred to as social entrepreneurs, are those entrepreneurs who focus on creating innovations and inventions that improve life for everyone.

Bill Drayton of Ashoka, an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting social entrepreneurship as well as transforming the face of social innovation, points out that social entrepreneurs “are not content just to give a fish…or to teach someone how to fish. [Social entrepreneurs] will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.”